Get to Know the Team! Interview #3: Charlie Miller

Published August 30, 2017 | Posted in Employee Interview.

For the 3rd installment of our employee interviews, we got to question an incredible physical therapist who is relatively new to the team, Charlie Miller. Check out his PPT ‘behind-the-scenes’ interview! What is your role/position? CM: Staff physical therapist. What are your duties within that role/position? CM: I evaluate patients, create comprehensive Plan of Cares, …

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Dry Needling: The PT Technique You Should Know About

Published June 19, 2017 | Posted in Portsmouth PT Blog Posts.

More and more physical therapists (like those Portsmouth Physical Therapy) are utilizing a new technique that’s effective at providing relief for your aches and pains: dry needling. The technique – which is NOT acupuncture, or the manipulation of the body’s energy – works directly on the painful points in muscles commonly referred to as trigger …

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PPT to Sponsor TAP Softball League

Published April 27, 2017 | Posted in Portsmouth PT Blog Posts, Press Releases.

We are proud to formally announce that we will be one of the sponsors of the upcoming the TAP softball league (at Pease). The photo shown here is what the logo will look like for the team shirts! The TAP (Tenants Assoc. at Pease) softball league was founded back in 2009 and originally consisted of …

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Featured PT United Products at our Clinic

Published April 20, 2017 | Posted in Portsmouth PT Blog Posts.

Early last month we announced that we had partnered with PT United to bring our patients the very best in medical and therapy equipment! You may be wondering…just what are some of the products currently in-stock for purchase at our clinic located at Martin’s Point? Our four featured products are:   OPTP Stretch Out Strap …

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ACP Recommends Non-Drug Therapies to Deal with Low Back Pain

Published March 31, 2017 | Posted in Portsmouth PT Blog Posts.

The American College of Physicians (ACP) suggests non-drug therapies when it comes to lower back pain. This is based on an article published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (Feb. 14, 2017) and it is noted that both patients and physicians must consider non drug therapies that are effective and efficient in the  treatment of sub-acute …

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PPT Receives Great News From a Recent Client

Published March 11, 2017 | Posted in Portsmouth PT Blog Posts.

Portsmouth Physical Therapy has recently received some GREAT news from a past client. Jen F. has come such a long way – she needed to have two foot surgeries to correct a defective plantar fascia in her foot. She had a challenging recovery, but fought hard and worked vigilantly with the team here at PPT …

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PPT Now Stocks PT United Products

Published March 2, 2017 | Posted in Company Announcements, Portsmouth PT Blog Posts.

We are proud to announce that Portsmouth Physical Therapy has partnered with the best in medical and therapy equipment – PT United! Like the team here at PPT, they are dedicated to optimized patient care and outcomes. Not only does PT United bring tremendous value to physical therapists nationwide, but we are able to pass …

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Dormant Butt Syndrome

Published February 7, 2017 | Posted in Portsmouth PT Blog Posts.

Dormant Butt Syndrome (DBS). Sure, it’s a funny name, but it’s a condition that’s growing in our nation and causing people to experience much more than a ‘pain in the butt.’ While DBS stems from a patient’s gluteus (butt muscle) not working efficiently, it causes aches and pain in the knee, back, and hip areas. …

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Vote for Us!

Published January 27, 2017 | Posted in Portsmouth PT Blog Posts, Press Releases.

New Hampshire Magazine has released their ‘Best of 2017’ survey, and we’d LOVE for you to vote for Portsmouth Physical Therapy! You may access the link to the voting, here > Voting will go on until until March 20th so cast your vote today. And remember to tell of your your friends and family …

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