There are many reasons someone can feel dizzy. Vertigo, vestibular dysfunction, concussion, and many more. Many people can experience a sudden onset of vertigo during change of season. Seasonal allergies can affect our sinus cavities, which can cause a fluid imbalance leading to acute vertigo symptoms. These symptoms can make you feel dizzy, unsteady, or even nauseous. Do not let these symptoms affect your ability to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Physical Therapy can treat vertigo and other balance disorders. Our PTs at Portsmouth Physical Therapy have a specialized certification called, Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist. Our PTs attended a 3-day extensive course hosted by the American Musculoskeletal Institute. They perform specialized evaluations to determine the exact cause of your specific dizziness. They utilize specific maneuvers, incorporate specialized exercises, and use a variety of treatment methods to address your specific dizziness in order to allow you to feel yourself again. Dr. Jacob St. Hilaire is our newest hire and has most recently earned this certification. He has learned the most up to date research and treatment plans to address various forms of dizziness. Our PTs are ready to help you overcome your dizziness and get you back to the activities you love.


Published April 19, 2021 | Posted in Portsmouth PT Blog Posts.