This week’s NFL injury spotlight is Deshaun Watson, Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns with a displaced glenoid fracture of the right shoulder.

So what is the glenoid? Well, the glenoid fossa is part of the scapula. The glenoid is the part of the scapula that helps keep the head of the humerus in place along with other glenohumeral ligaments and the glenohumeral labrum. The labrum actually is a ring of cartilage that surrounds the glenoid and is a huge part of the stabilization the shoulder joint. Deficits or injury to these structure make the shoulder unstable and is at a higher likelihood for dislocations.

In Watson’s case, he was hit hard and landed on his R arm which caused forward translation of his humerus out of the glenoid. This is called an anterior shoulder dislocation. When his shoulder was dislocated, it also caused tearing to his labrum. Sometimes, when there is tearing of the labrum, there can also be a fracture of the glenoid due to the amount of force of the shoulder dislocation.

Due to this injury, Watson’s NFL season is over. He will be undergoing surgery which will focus on repair of glenoid and labrum. His time frame for return for the 2024 season is unclear, but he should be able to return to play by next season whether it be at the beginning or mid season.

PT for this type of surgery will include
⁃ Regaining shoulder mobility in all directions as close to normal limits
⁃ Beginning mild isometric then concentric shoulder strengthening
⁃ Rotator cuff strengthening for shoulder stabilization
⁃ Sport specific exercise training and activities

This rehab process will be time consuming, but Watson should be able to return to football.

Published November 24, 2023 | Posted in NFL Injury Spotlight.