As we’re rolling along into 2018, we at Portsmouth Physical Therapy are working on a number of events and ideas in the efforts to bring you, our audience, as well as patients of past, present, and future, as much value as we possibly can both in the world of physical therapy as well as healthcare as a whole!

> You’ll notice that we’re integrating more and more video clips and content onto our social media accounts! Whether we’re sharing a fun challenge, or a piece of vital PT information, be sure to share these posts with those in your network!

> Thursday, February 22nd, we’re hosting ‘Chew on This’ a discussion on digestion, nutrition education, and gut health. Jacqui Bryan, RN, a nationally recognized author and speaker will be presenting on this holistic approach based in science that will explain why the health of your gut is directly tied to inflammation, weight management, depression, heart disease, and cancer. Lecture is $30, starts at 6:30p, and will be in the Martin’s Point Bldg Conference Room.

> This Friday, the 16th, PPT will be presenting at Wentworth CC.  Led by Dan F. and Cecile E., this will be a 45-minute workshop to educate tennis players about what’s really going on inside their bodies and learn strategies to stay healthy and to stay on the court (because no one wants the dreaded ‘tennis elbow’!). Starts at noon.

> You may recall that over the summer PPT was selected by Assas University in Paris, France, to help train their most advanced PT students. They’ve invited Dan F. to teach 1st to 3rd year Physical Therapy and Podiatry students both clinical reasoning and exam of the foot and ankle. In March, he will be heading to Paris with two of the absolute best PTs in the entire world to teach, sharing the stage with world renown PT Dr Josh Cleland of Franklin Pierce University (teaching cervical spine examination), as well as an additional course with Dr Raymond Butts of the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy (AAMT) (assisting him in the teaching of mechanisms of dry needling). It’s so very exciting, and Dan will be providing updates of his work and travels as he goes!


Stay tuned for more information coming to you from here on our blog or across our social media channels! And, if you’re ever in need of physical therapy services, do not hesitate to contact us today and stop in to see us at our Corporate Drive location as we are Portsmouth, New Hampshire and the Seacoast’s top physical therapy option.

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