Portsmouth Physical Therapy, along with the medical doctors at Martin’s Point Healthcare (Pease Intn’l Tradeport), recently performed free fall sports athletic physicals.  The event was a great success, providing these sports physicals to high school athletes at the beginning of their fall sports seasons.

This exam is referred to as a preparticipation physical exam, or PPE, and helps to evaluate whether or not it is safe for individual students to participate in certain sports. Many (if not all) states require students get this physical prior to beginning the season, looking out for their health and well-being. The two biggest components to the exam are the physical exam as well as a medical history review.  At the conclusion of the PPE, the doctor either signs off to say that the student is allowed to participate in their desired sport, or will recommend a follow-up test or specific treatment.

Oftentimes student-athletes will come away from the exam not only cleared and ready to go, but will also learn some good training tips to avoid future injuries and ailments. Those administering the test may offer stretching techniques or strengthening exercises to prevent injury and keep you on the field (or court, or ice).  It’s this advice that will have you playing at your healthiest (and best!).


Published September 13, 2016 | Posted in Portsmouth PT Blog Posts.