Portsmouth Physical Therapy in Portsmouth New Hampshire is proud to publish its Real Time Outcomes Data.

If you have read anything on healthcare lately, the latest buzz words being thrown around include cost, quality, and patient satisfaction. This is often referred to as the Triple Aim Philosophy. Its ironic that this information is almost impossible to find when researching a physical therapy practice. If you don’t believe me try it! Its because the large hospitals and medically owned physical therapy practices don’t want you know this information. Ever wondered if your providers claims of ” being the best” are true? What are they comparing themselves to? What do they mean they are the best… best at what?

We take out outcomes very seriously and have committed to the nations top outcomes systems tracking system. Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes is only one of three national outcomes data systems that risk adjusts each patient and then measures your treating therapists effectiveness and efficiency at improving your functional level and satisfaction against the outcomes off top clinicians around the world with over 5.5 million data points. Its hard to argue with the reliability  of comparison numbers off that size!

As healthcare consumers are paying for more and more healthcare services out of pocket they are becoming more educated and are demanding the best providers at the lowest cost. We are proving our added value to you with transparency of our superior outcomes!

Physical therapy is your choice, why wouldn’t you select the provider with the best outcomes and lowest cost. Its a no brainer however we do understand the many aspects you consider when selecting a provider, including recommendations from your medical provider, location, and hours of operation. Your medical provider may provide strong recommendations for physical therapy… its important for you to know where their motivations lie (monetary or outcomes?). Let us prove to you why we are number one and still independent!

Published November 10, 2014 | Posted in Portsmouth PT Blog Posts.