Hazardous tasks are often a part of the construction or industrial daily routine. When dealing with Workers’ Compensation injury, do not suffer any more than you have to – be it the ache in your body or a pain in your wallet.

Here at Portsmouth Physical Therapy, our costs and outcomes are among the best in New England.  Simply put, we are leaders in Workers’ Compensation injury, ranking among the top 3% in industrial rehabilitation not just in the US, but internationally (as ranked by FOTOinc.com). We offer initial appointments within 24 to 48 hours and at times when it is convenient for you!

In addition, we are 200-300% less expensive than local hospitals for rehabilitation services. Why would anyone want pay more and get less? Understand that if you are hurt or suffering due to an injury on the job, you do have a choice in where to go for your physical therapy. Tell your medical provider where you’d like to go – tell them you’re coming to Portsmouth Physical Therapy!

Published October 6, 2016 | Posted in Portsmouth PT Blog Posts.