For the 4th installment of our employee interviews, we got to question another tremendous physical therapist who is also relatively new to the team, Alyssa Rigazio. Check out her PPT ‘behind-the-scenes’ interview!

What is your role/position?
AR: Physical Therapist

What are your duties within that role/position?
AR: I evaluate and treat patients.

What made you decide to come to work for PPT?
AR: When I graduated, I wanted to work for a company that would help me grow as a clinician and PPT fit that criteria. Not only does the company provide many opportunities for continued learning, the staff at PPT go above and beyond to create a positive and effective learning environment.

What is your favorite thing about working for PPT?
AR: The people.  Whether it be coworkers or patients, there is never a dull moment!

How would you describe PPT’s clinical philosophy? (Or your own!)
AR: PPT’s clinical philosophy is ‘back to work, back to sport, back to life’.  PPT puts a big emphasis on getting better, but also getting patients back to the activities they love.

How would you describe PPT’s clinical environment?
AR: Fun and focused!  Although everyone is working hard the environment is very positive and light-hearted.

With your career, what are you looking to accomplish in the next two to four years?
AR: I am looking forward to learning new techniques and skills to add to my clinical repertoire so that I can offer my patients the most up to date and effective treatment options.

Outside of work, what is something you do for fun? A hobby?
AR: I love hiking, doing Pilates, and playing beach volleyball.

What is one unknown or fun fact about you?
AR: I re-read the Harry Potter series every year!

Many thanks to Alyssa for taking the time to answer and for allowing us to learn a bit more about her!

Published September 11, 2017 | Posted in Employee Interview.