We have such a tremendous team here at Portsmouth Physical Therapy, and we want to showcase each of them over the next few weeks! One of our amazing physical therapists is Katie Cole. Check out her PPT ‘behind-the-scenes’ interview!

What is your role/position?

KC: I am a Physical Therapist and PT manager treating patients here at the office.

What are your duties within that role/position?

KC: I treat patients on a daily basis as well as help keep the business side of the office running smoothly.

What made you decide to come to work for PPT?

KC: After talking to Dan I knew PPT was the right place for me! PPT strives to help every patient with the most up to date and research backed practice techniques to help all of our patients return to what they love. PPT is also a place I can better myself and keep progressing in the field with many opportunities for continuing education.

What is your favorite thing about working for PPT?

KC: My favorite thing about working for PPT is the atmosphere. Everyone I work with is friendly and genuinely enjoy what they do. We all work hard but have fun every day, joking around with each other and the patients. I really enjoy coming to work every day, no matter how busy things may get!

How would you describe PPT’s clinical philosophy? (Or your own!)

KC: PPT’s clinical philosophy, as well as my own, is to use the most recent research supported techniques to help patients return to what they love. Our office does a lot of hands on techniques and education to help patients feel better and return to their daily lives.

How would you describe PPT’s clinical environment?

KC: Our clinic environment is friendly but professional. We enjoy having fun with our patients while helping them to feel better. Many patient’s come to see us at least twice a week and many enjoy the interactions with us as well as other patients. We strive to make patients feel comfortable while helping to decrease their symptoms and getting them back to their lives.

With your career, what are you looking to accomplish in the next two to four years?

KC: In the next 2-4 years I would love to stay within the company and take on a bigger role. Pinnacle is really good at working with me to help me meet my professional goals.

Outside of work, what is something you do for fun? A hobby?

KC: Outside of work I love to do anything outdoors. I love to play soccer, swim, and ski in the winter. I also love to go to Maine where I am from and hike.

What is one unknown or fun fact about you?

KC: I like to brew my own beer at home.

Thank you to Katie for taking the time to answer and for allowing us to learn a bit more about her. Stay tuned for our next employee interview coming out very soon!



Published October 17, 2016 | Posted in Employee Interview, Portsmouth PT Blog Posts.