We wanted to share Adam’s words with you all, and as he had written such a terrific piece on this experience we chose to publish it here as a news item within our blog!

“Hi Dan,

Adam here, you remember me, I had a disk issue and work at the Woodbury Ave. Mattress Firm, we spoke about MMA. I just wrote you a 5-Star Google Review. I have also pointed a number of people towards PortsmouthPT. I wanted to thank you for your world class treatment.

Real wealth is world class health. Not only am I pain free, almost, but I am in amazing shape and eat even better. I have achieved a new understanding of what it means to be healthy.

I have developed a method through exercise and recovery to operate at a high level and reduce or limit injury. I no longer do full days (ex. leg day) resulting in soreness for a week. I have spread out the volume and found a way through circuits to keep my nervous system fired up and ready to go. This way I am strong but never quite sore or weak.

What also benefitted me from PT was learning to appreciate stretching and deep breathing. This led me to mediation, I have a new level of focus and now take the time each week.  In addition, I learned how to clear my mind and breathe for long periods of time without experiencing distracting thoughts. It is quite an amazing experience to be honest!

From chaos comes clarity, sometimes our road to recovery leads to becoming a better version of ourselves!

Thank you for your help, keep doing what you do!”


We’re proud to be physical therapists, proud of Adam’s words, and proud to be Portsmouth, New Hampshire and the Seacoast’s top physical therapy option. If you’re in need of physical therapy services, do not hesitate to contact us today and stop in to see us at our Corporate Drive location.

Published January 11, 2018 | Posted in Portsmouth PT Blog Posts, Press Releases.