For the 2nd installment of our employee interviews, we got to question another of our amazing physical therapists, Cecile Egan. Check out her PPT ‘behind-the-scenes’ interview!

What is your role/position?

EG: Physical therapist

What are your duties within that role/position?

EG: Treat patients.

What made you decide to come to work for PPT?

EG: I had just recently graduated and was looking for a job that would challenge me and allow me to grow as a physical therapist. I have the privilege of working for a great company that helps their employees excel in their field. I have been able to further my career and my skills which in turn helps me to better treat my patients and get them better faster.

What is your favorite thing about working for PPT?

EG: We have a great team here at PPT. Our patients make this a very enjoyable atmosphere and provide a great attitude towards rehabilitation and treatment sessions.

How would you describe PPT’s clinical philosophy? (Or your own!)

EG: PPT philosophy: Back to sports. Back to work. Back to life.

How would you describe PPT’s clinical environment?

EG: We are constantly working to provide the most up to date care for our patients. Each PT takes courses to make sure we stay up to date on all aspects of our field. We work with all ages and varying degrees of activity levels, however we treat each patient individually and provide a unique treatment plan to best fit their needs. We like to get our patients up and moving in order to facilitate their return to life.

Outside of work, what is something you do for fun? A hobby?

EG: Outside of work I like to be as active as possible. I enjoying hiking and snowshoeing. I enjoy being outdoors no matter the season. I like to play flag football, beach volleyball, and Spikeball!

What is one unknown or fun fact about you?

EG: I speak French.

Thank you to Cecile for taking the time to answer and for allowing us to learn a bit more about her. Stay tuned for our next employee interview!

Published November 21, 2016 | Posted in Employee Interview.