The Pinnacle Rehabilitation Network, to which Portsmouth PT proudly belongs, hosted the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy for a Spinal Manipulative Therapy Level 1 course. PPT’s own Alyssa R. was in attendance to take her physical therapy skill-set to the next level!

AAMT is considered the leader in Spinal Manipulation and Dry Needling education and they were selected to assist in working with a number of physical therapists in our network. Dan F. of our clinic is one of the few therapists in the network that has earned the Osteopractor and Fellowship ( FAAOMPT) status with AAMT.  Other physical therapists, like Alyssa, are well on their way to achieving their Osteopractor status.

AAMT will return soon for several other courses including multiple advanced spinal manipulation courses and dry needling level 1 and 2 (which both Alyssa and Charlie will be attending as well!).

Published September 18, 2017 | Posted in Company Announcements, Portsmouth PT Blog Posts.